Detroit Comedy Clubs

Detroit has birthed some of the best names in comedy. A very short list of Motor City comedy notables includes David Alan Grier of In Living Color fame and Gilda Radner of classic Saturday Night Live stature, not to mention those masters of B-movie horror schlock Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell. Detroit is so steeped in comedy that while most towns have one or two comedy clubs, Detroit has at least four. A mainstay in the Detroit comedy club scene, Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle is where comedy hopefuls cut their teeth in front of a live audience. With dinner and live comedy (including an open mic night on Wednesdays), CoCo’s House of Comedy is an ideal spot for a side-splitting night out.
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Bea's Comedy Kitchen

541 E. Larned, Detroit, Michigan; Tel. 313.961.2581
Laughter is always on tap at Bea's Comedy Kitchen, give them a call for their schedule and see if your favorite performer is swinging by anytime soon.

CoCo's House of Comedy

3000 E. Jefferson, Detroit, Michigan; Tel. 313.259.9806
Coco's House of Comedy fits the bill for hilarious comedy acts, as well as, featuring an open mic night every Wednesday and local poetry artists monthly. If that doesn't grab you, there is a well stocked bar and dinner nightly to pull you through.

Mark Ridley's Comedy Castle

269 E. Fourth, Royal Oak, Michigan; Tel. 248.542.9900
For the past twenty years, Mark Ridley's Comedy Castle, has been a fixture in the Detroit comedy scene consistently netting the best new talent. They do it all at the Castle, from straight stand up, to improv, and even offering workshops for those with serious comedic aspirations including those that are only thought of as funny when they drink.

One Mic's Stand

1040 Randolph St., Detroit, Michigan; Tel. 313.961.6631
One Mic's Stand hosts live stand up comedy shows Thursday through Saturday. Located in the heart of Detroit's historic Greektown, One Mic's Stand is a great way to cheer up after you just lost your shirt at the casinos.
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—Detroit nightclub reviews by Ryan Osterbeck