Detroit Dance Clubs

The Motor City virtually invented techno, so it should come as no surprise that Detroit dance clubs are some of the hottest, grittiest and famously underground in the country. State Theatre is the first and foremost classic dance club and hosts Altered State, a long-running dance party with rotating local and international DJs that draws crowds upwards of 1500 dance club regulars every Saturday night. The industrial dance and Goth crowd loves the vibe at Detroitís Leland City Club (housed in the appropriately antique Leland Hotel) while the salsa-heads sway in Southwest Detroitís Mexicantown at Club International. And even if you just want to eat sushi to the tune of techno, sans sweaty dance floors, Detroitís Oslo restaurant is a sleek spot for sake-fueled dance and techno DJ talent.
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Bleu Room Experience

1540 Woodward Ave., Detroit, Michigan; Tel. 313.222.1900
Home to world class DJs spinning over a driving sound system, Bleu is the weekend's premier dance club in downtown Detroit.

Club 2000

299 E. Woodbridge, Detroit, Michigan; Tel. 313.567.1292
Formerly the Warehouse nightclub, Club 2000 has DJs spinning the latest dance and techno beats.

Club 500

500 E. Warren, Detroit, Michigan; Tel. 313.343.0020
An 18 and over dance club opening at 10pm and playing everything from modern dance hits to techno.

Club DG

10001 Hubbell, Detroit, Michigan; Tel. 313.273.8941
Everyone feels at home at Club DG, a premier dance club for the weekend partier, featuring Detroit's hottest DJs and a huge dance floor.

Club International

6060 W. Fort St., Detroit Michigan; Tel. 313.841.0020
Located in Mexicantown, Club International features local Detroit live music and national acts for your dancing pleasure.

Clubhouse Tavern

3011 W. Grand Boulevard, Detroit, Michigan; Tel. 313.717.3782
Detroit's Caribbean dance club features both food and music from the West Indies; including live shows and DJs pumping out reggae and hip-hop dance beats.

Diamond Shaft

14919 Meyers, Detroit, Michigan; Tel. 313.934.6680
An upscale dance club that caters to the after hours set with DJs spinning high energy dance tunes until the early morning on the weekends.


234 Larned, Detroit, Michigan; Tel. 313.962.3689
One of Detroit's premier dance clubs where the modern meshes with the future, featuring world class DJs spinning every Thursday, Friday and Saturday over the dance floor until 2am.

Intus Nightclub

1557 E. Lafayette, Detroit, Michigan; Tel. 313.567.5555
Detroit's refined upscale dance club that blends the best of Motown with a little New York for flavor; features live music, DJs and jazz for the well-dressed and ready-to-dance set.


1701 Cass Ave., Detroit, Michigan; Tel. 313.962.2300
Sip on dollar drinks and dance at the Labyrinth, featuring '80s tunes and electronica pumped over the sound system by both DJs and live acts.

Leland City Club

400 Bagley, Detroit, Michigan; Tel. 313.962.2300
Detroit's oldest and most venerated Goth dance club, scene goers dance until the early morning when the approaching sun forces them to bed.

Marilyn's on Monroe

498 Monroe, Detroit, Michigan; Tel. 313.963.1980
Located in the heart of Greektown, Marilyn's on Monroe is an upscale dance club with DJs spinning the latest tracks to help move the crowd.

Napoleon's Retreat

13635 W. Chicago, Detroit, Michigan; Tel. 313.935.3636
A dance club that features a little bit of everything; nightly dancing, live music and some interesting DJs split time with karaoke and open mic nights.


205 W. Congress, Detroit, Michigan; Tel. 313.965.8200
Detroit's premier chic dance club that boasts an impressive list of local DJ talent, a world-class venue for the upscale, yet eclectic, dance club set.

Parabox Cafe

1927 Michigan Ave., Detroit, Michigan; Tel. 313.268.2325
The dance floor at Parabox Cafe offers a variety of sounds, but salsa and meringue are what this club is renowned for; features live music and DJs.

Peacock Cabaret

1703 Cass, Detroit, Michigan; Tel. 313.525.8741
An ever-evolving dance club that starts the week with live bands, hits the time machine back to the '70s and '80s dance hits, makes a quick stopover in female impersonator and comedy city and then wraps up with an all-night swing and ska dance party.

Reggie's Night Club

10845 W. Chicago, Detroit, Michigan; Tel. 313.934.9132
A hip-hop dance club that gets the job done every week; features some of the best hip-hop DJs and dancing Detroit has to offer.

River Rock

673 Franklin, Detroit, Michigan; Tel. 313.259.6676
A melding of dance club and sports bar, the River Rock boasts three floors of fun that should satisfy anyone's yen for a party.

Shelley's Place

1460 Michigan Ave., Detroit, Michigan; Tel. 313.962.0654
There's a little bit of everything at Shelley's, a dance club that features hip-hop, but also has DJs spinning other kinds of music, along with weekly karaoke, all in a casual, drink special-soaked dance club scene.

State Theater

2115 Woodward Ave., Detroit, Michigan; Tel. 313.961.5450
The State Theater is both a live music club (call for the schedule) and a dance club at one of the largest and most beautiful venues in Detroit. Saturdays are a non-stop dance party featuring top-notch DJ talent in various areas inside the dance club.

The New Limit Cocktail Lounge

15535 8 Mile, Detroit, Michigan; Tel. 313.341.8000
Smooth jazz, R&B, and pop prompt dancers to the floor at this dance club that also does karaoke.

The Portal

2030 Grand River, Detroit, Michigan; Tel. 313.963.4513
A dance club that stays true to its roots; don't chill too long in one of the plush rooms because the Portal's two large dance floors feature a rebirth of pure Detroit techno and house.

The Works Detroit

1846 Michigan Ave., Detroit, Michigan; Tel. 313.961.1742
A staple in the Detroit electronic dance club scene and a dance party like no other, the Works may look like a typical gay bar except it's anything but; the crowd can be evenly split between gay and straight. No matter your sexual orientation, if you love house music and love to dance to live music and thumping DJs, hit the dance club that's just fun; stay for after hours on the weekends.

Times Square Detroit

1431 Times Square, Detroit, Michigan; Tel. 313.963.2403
Times Square Detroit features resident DJs who make their talent known to those on the dance floor, spinning selections from the old school to the new; this dance club is a must for anyone who likes to dance and party to solid grooves.


3919 Woodward Ave., Detroit, Michigan; Tel. 313.831.8552
As the name suggests, Trenchtown brings Jamaica to Detroit clubgoers featuring thumping reggae beats in a comfortable, alcohol-free environment. Open late, that is if you consider 5am late for a dance club, Trenchtown is the perfect way to close a night out in Detroit.

Tropical Hut Lounge

14925 Livernois, Detroit, Michigan; Tel. 313.861.5340
Get your groove on and dance to new and old school roots and reggae, features drink and dance club specials all week long for those that yearn for the island life.

Under the Bridge

21st. South and Fort St., Detroit, Michigan; Tel. 313.875.3627
On Saturdays under the shadow of Detroit's Ambassador Bridge can be found one of Detroit's best dance clubs, an indoor-outdoor venue that boasts some of the best local and international spin artists pushing out pulsating dance hits.


1500 Woodward Ave., Detroit, Michigan; Tel. 313.963.9797
An upscale dance club that shatters the hum-drum ordinary and replaces it with a virtually non-stop dance party featuring house, trance and techno.
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óDetroit bar and club reviews by Ryan Osterbeck