Detroit Theaters

The Masonic Temple Theater

500 Temple Ave., Detroit MI 48201-2693; Tel. 313.832.7100
Appearing on the Michigan Historical Register and the National Register, the Masonic is one of the largest and finest theatrical houses in the country. Since its opening in 1926 by the Masonic fraternity, the Masonic Temple Theatre has hosted virtually all forms of live entertainment, including plays, musicals, variety shows, classical music and opera, rock-n-roll and dance. The Masonic Temple theater in Detroit hosts major headliners in 125 to 175 performances each year.

Detroit Opera House

1526 Broadway, Detroit MI; Tel. 313.961.3500
This opulent, magnificent Detroit opera house offers sleek theater productions from the Big Apple including Dance Theatre Harlem and A Streetcar Named Desire.

Detroit Repertory Theatre

13103 Woodrow Wilson, Detroit MI; Tel. 313.868.1347
This Detroit non-profit theater continues to wow audiences with polished performances since it opened its doors in the 1960s.

Fox Theatre

2211 Woodward Ave., Detroit MI; Tel. 248.433.1515
The glory of this 1920s Detroit theater lives in its opulent design and top-notch entertainment value.

Music Hall

350 Madison, Detroit MI; Tel. 313.963.2366
The resilience and pride of this Detroit theater hall is in its lineage and history of hosting performing legends like Lucille Ball, Ray Charles and Jack Benny on its stage.